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Elite Building & Construction Management Full Service Construction and Renovation Contractors in Hamilton Ontario

Welcome to Elite Building & Construction Management

The most trusted team of expert full service contractors in Hamilton. Our experienced team is dedicated to transforming spaces through expertise in engineering design and construction for modern renovations, remodelling, or repair.

Our experienced team have built a reputation over a decade based on quality workmanship and professional service as renovation contractors and construction experts. We manage every detail of the project for you and your satisfaction is of the utmost priority. If You’re looking to upgrade your living space, You’ve come to the right place.

Experienced General Contractors Transforming Living Spaces with Experts in Engineering Design, Construction, Renovation, and Repair Services

Trust Index Review Summary for Elite Building & Construction Management

Elite Building Construction & Renovation provides stellar services highlighted by users appreciating professional, timely, and high-quality outcomes. Users marvel at the clear communication, trustworthy team, and image-enhanced renovation results. The website, Elite is user-friendly and informative.

  • Excellent service experiences marked by professionalism and timeliness.
  • Strong team ethics with clear communication and trust.
  • User-friendly website providing insightful information.

Why Choose Elite Building & Construction?

The Elite Building & Construction team works directly with every homeowner to ensure that your construction project is completed on time, on budget and exemplifies elegance. ​

We will ensure your project exceeds expectations, with meticulous attention to detail, in our mission to transform your home.

Elite Building and Construction is a full-service renovation company proud to help homeowners discover innovative ways to transform your existing residence into something incredible that you’re proud to show off to friends and family.

Trust Elite Building and Constructions Experienced Renovation Contractors To Help You Realize Your Vision

There’s no job that’s too big or too small for our experts at Elite Building and Construction. Whether you’re looking to just renovate your kitchen and update your master bathroom or something more extensive, we’re here to make it happen.

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Meet The Elite Building Management Team

Mazin Azoo B. TECH, Construction Engineer  – Director of Operations 

As the Director of Operations at Elite Building Management, Mazin Azoo wields a combination of construction engineering expertise and refined project management skills. With his deep-rooted technical knowledge and a pragmatic approach to operational leadership, Mazin ensures that projects progress smoothly from concept to completion.

His role is pivotal in resource allocation, process optimization, and upholding standards of safety and quality. Mazin’s foresight in anticipating and mitigating project challenges showcases his profound commitment to excellence and efficiency, underscoring his invaluable contribution to the company’s success.

Karl Walker – Director of Project Management

Karl Walker is the nexus between ideation and realization at Elite Building Management, his role in project management and sales bridging the gap between architectural vision and client expectations. With a hands-on approach, Karl immerses himself in understanding the essence of each project, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flourish. His mastery lies in his ability to translate customer aspirations into tangible results that resonate with both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Through tailored consultations and a commitment to excellence, Karl ensures that every project not only meets but exceeds client expectations, instilling confidence and satisfaction. His expertise is complemented by a profound understanding of product knowledge and market trends, making him a pivotal figure in driving the company’s design ethos forward and cementing its reputation for excellence in service and innovation.

Judith Steward – Interior Designer 

Judith Steward’s 25-year career as an interior designer has been distinguished by an innate ability to blend functionality with aesthetics. Her journey, beginning from retail and evolving to owning a celebrated showroom, showcases her depth in understanding spaces and client needs. Beyond her hands-on sales experience with renowned brands, Judith’s talent shines in her project management skills, seamlessly integrating design elements,

Winning the 1993 Moda design contest early in her career and later the KBIS Award, underscores her creative prowess. Judith’s approach to interior design extends beyond mere aesthetics, focusing on creating spaces that reflect the unique identities of their occupants, marking her as an influential figure in the design community.

Angela Kanellopoulos  Kitchen Designer 

Creating highly functional designs while integrating the client’s style & personality.

Angela translates the clients vision of their new kitchen into practical kitchen designs, while ensuring the project falls within the customers budget. I take the project from initial concept development through construction. I assist homeowners in selecting materials and develop customized kitchen layouts with detailed plans and renderings for construction or renovation projects.

Dan Do – Structural Framing Carpentry and Construction

At the heart of every durable and safe building is a meticulous craft that Dan Do brings to Elite Building Management through his expertise in structural framing and carpentry. His career is built on a foundational understanding of the materials and methodologies that ensure a building stands strong against the elements and time.

Dan’s ability to read and understand complex blueprints puts him in sync with architects and engineers, bridging the gap between vision and reality. His mastery in crafting wood and alternative materials into the skeleton of a building showcases not just a construction but an art form. Through residential to commercial projects, Dan ensures that every structure’s frame is not only robust but is also a testament to precision and excellence.

Peter Shamon – General Contractor Tile Flooring Drywall Finishing

Peter Shamon’s name at Elite Building Management is synonymous with the splendid final touches that transform spaces into experiences. Moving away from mainstream construction, Peter brings a focused finesse in the realm of tile flooring and drywall finishing. With a palette that includes ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone.

Peter’s skill in selecting and laying tiles reflects a deep understanding of texture, colour, and functionality that caters to the unique style and needs of each project. His proficiency in drywall finishing – from seamless mudding and taping to the final sanding – ensures walls themselves are canvases ready for artistic expression. Peter’s dedication to perfection makes him not just a contractor but a curator of spaces that speak in quiet elegance.

Joseph Costanza -Architectural Designer 

Joseph Costanza brings to Elite Building Management a blend of creativity and technical precision that breathes life into blueprints. As an architectural designer, his canvas stretches from the initial sketches of imagination to the structured 3D modelling that brings an idea to the brink of reality.

Joseph’s prowess in navigating the maze of building codes and environmental considerations ensures that his designs are not just beautiful but sustainable and accessible. Whether it’s a cozy home renovation or an ambitious commercial space, his projects are marked by an acute attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to the client’s vision. Through collaboration, Joseph crafts designs that are both innovative and in harmony with the surrounding environment, capturing the essence of modern architecture.

Positive Reviews Last Year Won Elite Building & Construction the Quality Business Awards

#1 Best General Contractor in Hamilton Award!

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